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Earth in Concert: Nature Sounds Empower Environmental Education

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Dennis-Hysom-Nature-MaestroApril 22, 4PM, Sebastopol Regional Library Forum Room

A community and family event for all ages

In honor of Earth Day, Dennis Hysom, field recordist and composer, presents “Earth in Concert” at the Sebastopol Regional Library. He will talk about his experiences recording in North and Central America, being still in nature, listening closely, and the nature of sound. He will demonstrate field recording equipment and techniques, play animal and weather sounds from Costa Rican rainforests, Louisiana bayous, Dakota prairies, the Caribbean, and Alaska’s Glacier Bay, and lead a participatory “Identify that Animal!” activity. He will also discuss the creation of Nature Maestro, mobile iOS apps for environmental education that incorporate sounds from his extensive library. Hysom has composed many music and nature albums and a major motion picture ambience using these sounds. On Earth Day April 22, the Nature Maestro Rainforest Day app for iPad will be free for download from the iTunes App Store. To learn more about Dennis’s projects, visit &

Author: dhysom

I'm an audio producer, composer and web developer. I'm interested in music, technology, child development, art, literature and nature.

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